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We present our new collection, inspired by the Arab tiles from southern Spain and Portugal that represent a rich cultural and artistic heritage dating back to the periods of Moorish influence in the region, the ALICATOS Collection from Companhia Atlântica.


The inspiration for the ALICATOS collection arises from the majestic heritage of Arab tiles that adorn the landscapes of southern Spain and Portugal. These pieces, remnants of periods of Moorish influence in the region, represent a unique fusion of cultures and styles, reflected in their intricate geometric patterns, floral motifs, and delicately intertwined Islamic calligraphy.

In sumptuous palaces, sacred mosques, and historic residences, the tiles convey not only beauty but also a profound cultural narrative.

The vibrant colors dancing on these tiles and the meticulous details in each piece capture the essence of Islamic art, exuding sophistication and refinement.

They are not just decorative objects but also bearers of an atmosphere that emanates elegance and serenity in every space they occupy. It is an immersive experience, where the senses are enveloped by the visual and historical richness of these Arab tiles, transporting us to a time and place where the splendor of art flourishes in full.

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Emerging from Companhia Atlântica, renowned for its excellence and tradition in crafting handmade pieces, comes the ALICATOS collection. Crafted by skilled and passionate artisans, each piece is a work of art in itself, conceived with meticulous care and love for the craft. Using materials of Portuguese origin, such as ceramic and cork, the collection not only honors the country’s cultural heritage but also values quality and sustainability, reflecting Companhia Atlântica’s commitment to authenticity and environmental responsibility.

Inspired by this rich tradition and Companhia Atlântica’s commitment to quality and authenticity, the ALICATOS collection brings to life all the magic and charm of Arab tiles but in a contemporary and unique way. Each piece is an expression of beauty and craftsmanship, a perfect synthesis of history and modernity. With the ALICATOS collection, it is possible not only to decorate but also to experience the cultural and artistic heritage that these tiles represent, turning every moment into a journey of inspiration and admiration.

In addition to the relief, inspired by the Arab tiles from southern Spain and Portugal, all ceramic pieces have a hand-finished reactive glaze. All pieces come packaged in a gift box, making this collection ideal for gifting.

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