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Let’s explore the refined collections of espresso cups from Companhia Atlântica. Discover the distinctive details of espresso cup collections LAPA, MELIDES, BREEZY, COMPORTA and AROMA, and dive into the contemporary history of coffee, as we know that enjoying quality coffee is an experience rich in flavor and tradition.

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Drinking coffee is good, did you know?

Coffee is a beloved beverage worldwide, not only for its robust flavor and irresistible aroma but also for the various health benefits it offers. In addition to providing an energy boost, coffee is rich in antioxidants that help combat free radicals in the body, thus contributing to disease prevention.

Studies suggest that moderate coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of certain conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. Furthermore, the caffeine in coffee can improve cognitive function, increase alertness, and enhance mood.

Coffee has also shown positive effects on mental health, being associated with a lower risk of depression and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Additionally, the ritual of drinking coffee can provide moments of pause and socialization, promoting social interaction and emotional well-being.

It’s important to note that, like any substance, coffee consumption should be done in moderation. Excessive caffeine intake can lead to undesirable side effects such as insomnia, nervousness, and palpitations. However, when consumed sensibly, coffee can be a delightful and beneficial addition to daily routine.

Espresso cups from lapa collection

The Exclusive Collections of Espresso Cups by Companhia Atlântica

Presenting our collections of espresso cups. Each piece is more than just a cup; it is a refined experience that elevates the simple act of drinking coffee to a moment of elegance and appreciation.

Feel the flavor, appreciate the design, and immerse yourself in the sophistication that our collections offer! ☕✨

LAPA Collection: Coastal Elegance in Every Detail

Lapa express 1
Lapa express 3

The espresso cups from the LAPA collection by Companhia Atlântica blend tradition and contemporaneity. Each piece is carefully handmade, highlighting the unique elegance of this collection.
Each piece captures the essence of cliffs, cliffs, and majestic cliffs, resulting in true works of art.

The different shades reflect the diversity of coastal rocks, adding dynamism and depth to the table.
In addition to the inspiring design, the tableware in this collection stands out for its robustness, ensuring durability for daily use.

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MELIDES Collection: Fusion of Nature and Design

130 944 macro

Inspired by the stunning shades of the Atlantic Ocean blue, the MELIDES collection stands out for the balanced fusion of modern design and natural elements.

Each cup is a true work of art that reflects the beauty of nature.

With a simple and elegant design, the espresso cups simply adapt to any occasion.

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BREEZY Collection: Lightness and Bohemian Style in Your Coffee Break

Img 5282
Img 7508

The espresso cups from the BREEZY collection are like a gentle breeze that elevates the ritual of savoring coffee. With fluid lines, this collection offers a unique visual and tactile experience.

The BREEZY collection impresses with wonderful tones and bohemian style, making each piece unique. Available in Gray, Blue, Green, and Latte.

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COMPORTA Collection: Celebrating Craftsmanship and Comporta Beach

Coffee comporta
Coffee comporta 2

The COMPORTA collection transports us to the sophisticated shores of Comporta. The espresso cups are unique pieces, incorporating coastal elegance and distinctive manual craftsmanship.

Comporta Beach is a unique destination! It was in this environment that this line was inspired, capturing the colors and geography of this beach, portrayed in its stripes and color movement.

Available in Gray and Blue.

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AROMA Collection: Tradition Reinterpreted with Elegance

Coffee aroma
Coffee aroma 2

Inspired by centuries-old techniques, the espresso cups in this AROMA collection are produced using terracotta.

All pieces in this collection are glazed inside and partially glazed outside, receiving a hand-finished touch. Terracotta, in addition to having a rustic and organic aesthetic appeal, offers benefits such as heat retention, making it ideal for serving hot foods.

Its tactile texture is pleasant to the touch, providing a unique sensory experience.

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A Brief History of Coffee

The history of coffee began in Ethiopia in the 9th century when a shepherd named Kaldi noticed that his goats became more energetic after eating the fruits of a plant. The discovery was shared with local monks who began using the fruits to make an energizing drink.

In Arabia, around the 15th century, coffee production and trade gained momentum. Public coffeehouses, known as “qahveh khaneh,” became popular places for social gatherings and discussions.

Coffee began to be cultivated in various parts of the world, including Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.

Espresso cups from melides collection

The coffee reached Europe in the 17th century, where it quickly began to be served in centers of intellectual and cultural activity, frequented by writers, philosophers, and artists. Soon, the habit of drinking coffee spread throughout Europe.

In the 18th century, Brazil became the largest producer of coffee. Coffee evolved with different flavors and serving methods, and today it is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, with a rich culture in cafes and pastry shops where its consumption is prioritized. The history of coffee is a fascinating journey of accidental discoveries and cultural adaptations that transformed the plant into a beverage enjoyed worldwide.

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