Simple ideas for the Halloween table


BREEZY Grey and Candlesticks PRIMO

Halloween, celebrated on October 31st, means “All Saints’ Eve”. Its origin comes from the ancestors of the Celtic peoples of Ireland, northern France and Scotland where they call Samhain which means “The end of the harvest”. Also known as Halloween, it is a party that was spread across several countries around the world, with a strong tradition in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

And for those who like to mark this festivity, we have some suggestions for dinner table decor for Halloween!

When decorating the table, you can choose creepy motifs such as spiders, webs, bats, ghosts, in short, a countless number of scary items. Or you can go in a completely opposite direction and opt for a simple, minimalist decor.

Companhia Atlântica has simple and relaxed suggestions for those who want to recreate a Halloween atmosphere at the table, with a autumn touch.


One of the symbols is the pumpkin, which in itself guarantees a Halloween look and can be used plain or with drawn faces. It’s a prop that can’t be missed when thinking about decoration. It has different sizes and colors at your disposal, to recreate the decoration you like the most. Keep the pumpkin natural and achieve a more sophisticated look.

Embedding other organic elements, like apples, pine cones, dried plants, dried fruits, gourds, dried leaves, wicker baskets, as well as the use of linen textiles, recreate a more natural environment. These can be used as centerpieces, in vases or simply arranged on your Halloween table.

A lighting makes all the difference when decorating the house. This one should be low and orange, to achieve a mysterious atmosphere and for that there is nothing better than using candles. In our suggestions, you can see the candlesticks PRIMO, as the ROSSIO candles and the T-lights ROSSIO . Different pieces that adapt to your home and that can be used either on your Halloween table or distributed at strategic points in your home.

And because we can’t forget about the youngest ones, as this date can be a little scary for the little ones, we suggest a table of colorful sweets. Invite them to participate and draw the pumpkins with fun faces, they are sure to love it!


Scented candle in ROSSIO glass


T-Light/Candlestick ROSSIO

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