Easter decorations for the table: a complete guide to an unforgettable celebration

Get ready for an exciting journey through heart-warming flavors and traditions that unite families around the table. Let’s discover together how Easter is experienced in unique and inspiring ways in Portugal and around the world. Ready to join our table?

Table decorations for Easter

The table plays a central role in all celebrations, and Easter is no exception. It’s where hearts are warmed by lively conversations, where laughter and memories are shared, and where flavors mingle to create unforgettable moments. It’s the place where the generations come together, from the youngest to the oldest, everyone sits side by side, ready to enjoy the delicacies prepared with such care.

Unleash your creativity

When setting the Easter table, crockery takes center stage, elevating the gastronomic experience to the heights of beauty and sophistication. And these are two adjectives that we can’t disassociate from BREEZY collection.

Made of Portuguese ceramicswith a bohemian aesthetic and charming tones, each piece is a unique expression of elegance that reflects the Mediterranean lifestyle and guarantees charm in every detail of your table.

Galheteiro azeite breezy mob

The spring trend brings with it an vibrant colors and natural elements. To create a truly inviting table, the elements present should have the right balance between fun and elegant.

Opt for small accents, such as fruit dishesthat play with tones and shapes.

Don’t be afraid to play with the elements you have available and remember: Easter also marks the beginning of springso use artificial flowers or branches on the table to give it a light, spring-like touch.

Img 1407
Img 0986

And to create a party atmosphere for the youngsters?

Choose decorative Easter figures, such as rabbits, chicks or eggs, and scatter them around the table.

Breezy easter green latte dinnerware stoneware 3

Finish with a touch of color… and flavor

And finally, how about anticipating summer – or at least the delicious feeling of coffee by the sea – with the cups from the collection COMPORTA?

A collection inspired by the colors and geography of this popular beach.

Img 4736

Easter recipes around the world

During Easter, various regions of the world have their own culinary traditions. In Spainfor example, the Mona de Pascua is a cake decorated with colored eggs, created to reflect the joy of the resurrection, while dishes such as “Torrijas” and “Cocido Madrileño” are also popular.

In Germanythey celebrate the occasion with the Osterlamm, a lamb-shaped cake that symbolizes Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God, and with the Osterbrota sweet bread with candied fruit that is considered a popular delicacy

In Francethe star is the Agneau Pascala roast kid with herbs and vegetables, and the Pâté de Pâques, a savory stuffed pie.

In other parts of the world, such as Greecethe Magiritsaa soup made with lamb offal, while in Poland we have BabkaA yeast cake which, depending on your taste, can include candied fruit, raisins, chestnuts or walnuts. In Italyis celebrated with the popular Colomba di Pasquaa cake in the shape of a dove, and in Latin Americadishes such as Mole Poblano in Mexico and Fanesca in Ecuador are tasted during this festival.

What do we eat at Easter in Portugal?

In Portugal, Easter is much more than just a religious celebration: it’s a time to gather the family around the table and share not only food, but also love, tradition and precious memories that last over time.

During this special season, kitchens come alive with tantalizing aromas that transport us back to childhood. One of these “flavors” is Oven-roasted kidwhose tender, juicy meat melts in your mouth and brings with it the flavor of fresh herbs and the comforting warmth of home.

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O Easter cake and Codfishwith their combination of authentic flavors and comforting textures, are a real feast for the senses and each piece is a tribute to the country’s culinary traditions.

And what about Easter almondscovered in sugar or chocolate? They are more than just sweets; they are small gestures of affection and friendship that delight children and, of course, adults.

The history of Easter: an ancient tradition of renewal and hope

Before we delve into decorating tips, it’s important to understand the meaning behind this celebration.

Easter is one of the humanity’s oldest and most significant celebrationsdating back millennia. Originating in Jewish tradition, it marks the liberation of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt, as recounted in the book of Exodus. With the advent of Christianity, Easter took on a new meaning: has become a moment of profound spiritual importance for Christians around the world. This date has come to symbolize not only physical liberation, but also spiritual liberation and the renewal of life through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Over the centuries, Easter has evolved, incorporating traditions and rituals from different cultures and civilizations, but always maintaining the essence of hope, renewal and love that characterize this very special holiday.

The arrival of Easter also coincides with the awakening of springThe season that symbolizes the rebirth of nature after the long winter. Like this, Easter takes on an even deeper meaning, reflecting the renewal of life and the hope for more flourishing and prosperous times.


Celebrate with Companhia Atlântica

We hope that each tip and suggestion has inspired your creativity, whatever your style or tradition.

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We wish you a wonderful Easter!

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