Summer vacation: tips for unforgettable days

Summer is coming and, with it, the long-awaited opportunity to enjoy long, hot days full of outdoor activities.

Summer vacation is the ideal time to relax, recharge and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. But in order to make the most of it, it’s important to plan ahead.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, no problem! Read our article and we guarantee that by the end you’ll know what to plan for your summer vacation. From rest to fun, we’ve got incredible suggestions for you! Shall we go from there?

For lovers of the outdoors

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. Our beautiful country offers a variety of stunning landscapes, from the paradisiacal beaches of the Algarve to the verdant mountains of the north.

Bicycle tours

Portugal has countless trails and cycle paths that allow you to explore nature in a healthy and ecological way. From coastal cycle paths to mountain trails, there are options for all skill levels.

Imagine yourself: hair blowing in the wind, feeling the heat on your face as you explore every possible nook and cranny. And if you don’t have a bike, no problem. Fortunately, there has been a lot of investment in urban mobility across the country, so there is always the option of renting. Then take yours
with a light and soft touch, in your
with everything you need, and let’s go cycling!

Picnics in parks

Enjoy a relaxing day in one of the many parks and gardens that our country has to offer, perfect for picnics with family or friends. Parks such as Porto’s City Park or Lisbon’s Jardim da Estrela are excellent choices. And to make sure you’re fully prepared for the day, don’t forget your
with everything you need.

Water sports

Surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle, diving… The options are endless for those who like adrenaline and adventure at sea. Just don’t forget the sunscreen and the
lip balm
to keep your lips moisturized under the radiant sun.

Summer festivals and events

During the summer, many cities organize music festivals, open-air cinema and other cultural events perfect for enjoying the warm evenings. Take a look at the festival posters and find out if any of the announced bands appeal to you. Is there anything better than combining music with warmth and vacation?


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Rest and culture, why not?

For culture lovers, Portugal also offers a wealth of museums, art exhibitions, cultural fairs, theater shows and music concerts.

Visits to museums and art exhibitions

Explore science, technology, history and art museums such as the
Tile Museum
, o
Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art
or the
Fado Museum
to learn more about the past, present and future of our culture. Admire works of art by renowned and emerging artists in galleries and cultural centers, such as the
Belém Cultural Center

Cultural fairs and theater shows

Get involved with the community by trying the local cuisine, buying traditional handicrafts or taking part in workshops and musical performances at cultural fairs. If you like theater, you can also check the local program and see if there are any plays on.

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Relaxation activities are also an excellent option

Summer is also the ideal time to slow down, take care of yourself and replenish the energy spent throughout the year. You can take advantage of your vacation to relax with a spa day or a meditation retreat, perfect for recharging your energy.

Here’s a scenario for you: think of the softness of a
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to moisturize your skin after a day of pure relaxation. Then allow yourself to enjoy a truly luxurious bathing experience with our handmade soapsThis is a great way to make the simple act of bathing a feast for the senses. To complement the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, light one of our
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Choose the ideal destination for your summer vacation

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Sun, beach, sea and adventure destinations

Destinations such as the Algarve, Costa Vicentina and the beaches of Costa da Caparica are ideal for those looking for sun, sea and sand. So if you’re looking to spend your vacations and sunny days on the beach, you can stay in Portugal and you’ll be very well served. However, if you prefer to spend your vacation “abroad”, destinations such as Greece, southern Italy, Barcelona, Cape Verde, among others, are excellent bets.

Whether you choose Portuguese beaches or international destinations, our
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will be your faithful companions, providing practicality and style during your adventures in the sun.

Mountain destinations: refuges and tranquillity

If you prefer to escape the intense heat, opt for mountain destinations, where the temperatures are milder and the landscapes are truly idyllic. In Portugal, the mountains of Gerês or Serra da Estrela are great options. International destinations such as Peru or Switzerland are also good bets that are sure to delight you.

Please note that, in drier climates, it’s essential to take care of your skinso don’t forget to take one of our body moisturizers to combat dry skin and keep it healthy throughout your stay. Whether you’re in Portugal or abroad, you’ll always be ready to enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the mountains.

Tourist cities: urban culture and leisure

Portugal’s big cities offer a mix of culture, history, gastronomy and nightlife. Lisbon, Porto and Sintra are unmissable destinations for those who like to explore Portugal’s culture, history and gastronomy.

Where to go on vacation with the kids: fun for the whole family

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Theme and water parks

Theme and water parks are an excellent option for a fun-filled day out with the kids. Parks such as
Zoomarine in the Algarve
the water park
Praia das Rocas
or the
Amarante Water Park
are perfect for a day of family fun.

After a day of sun and water, little ones’ skin and lips need special care. Apply a
body moisturizer
helps keep children’s skin healthy and moisturizedwhile
lip balm
protects and repairs lips after hours of exposure to sun and water. With these precautions, your days at the theme and water parks will be even more enjoyable and peaceful.

Family farms and resorts

Educational farms and resorts with activities for children offer an educational and fun experience for the whole family.

Fun and educational tours

Take advantage of the summer to stimulate children’s curiosity with educational and fun outings. Visits to zoos, aquariums and interactive museums are excellent for combining fun with learning. After a day full of activities and discoveries, it’s essential to take care of the skin and give the little ones a moment to relax. Our
gentle soaps
are perfect for the shower routine, guaranteeing gentle cleansing.

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