Portuguese olive oil: taste and tradition


Portuguese olive oil is internationally acclaimed for its superior quality and unparalleled flavor. Portugal, blessed with an ideal climate for growing olive trees, stands out as one of the world’s leading producers of this precious nectar. The Alentejo and Trás-os-Montes regions stand out for boasting award-winning olive oils that win over the most demanding palates around the world.

The excellence of Portuguese olive oil can be explained by several factors. Starting with ancestral tradition. Olive growing in Portugal dates back thousands of years, perpetuating techniques and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. This heritage guarantees us authentic, soulful olive oils.

From harvesting the olive trees to the olive oil extraction process, each stage is carried out with extreme care and attention, ensuring that the sensory and nutritional properties of the final product are preserved.

Portugal’s mild and sunny climate provides the ideal environment for olive trees to grow, resulting in healthy fruit that is rich in flavor. In addition, Portugal has a great diversity of olive varieties, each with unique characteristics that contribute to the richness and complexity of olive oils.

Extra virgin olive oil: a Portuguese gastronomic treasure

Extra virgin olive oil, the noblest category of olive oils, is obtained solely by mechanical means from fresh olives, without the addition of chemical products. To bear this title, the free acidity of the oil must be less than 0.8%, an index that proves its purity and exceptional quality.

However, the world of olive oils offers different options to suit different needs and tastes.

Types of olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil: the purest and highest quality, with a maximum acidity of 0.8%. Ideal for raw consumption, enhancing the flavor of salads, cold dishes and bruschettas.

Virgin olive oil: also obtained by mechanical pressing, it has a slightly higher acidity of up to 2%. It is a suitable version for dressing salads, vegetables and grilled fish.

Olive oil: a combination of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil, with a maximum acidity of 1.5%. Versatile for different uses in the kitchen, from frying to braising.

Olive pomace oil: extracted from the pomace of olives after the oil has been pressed, it has a less intense flavor and is mainly used for frying and cooking in general.

Is olive oil good for you?

In addition to its incomparable flavor, extra virgin olive oil offers a range of health benefits:

  • Cardiovascular health: rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, olive oil helps reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol, promoting heart health.
  • Antioxidant power: the presence of polyphenols fights free radicals, slowing down cellular ageing and protecting the body against diseases.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent chronic diseases.
  • Facilitated digestion: olive oil facilitates digestion and can help prevent gastric ulcers.

How to tell if olive oil is pure?

Although assessing the purity of olive oil can be challenging, a few simple steps can help you choose:

  • Keep an eye on the label: look for terms like “100% pure” or “extra virgin”, which indicate the highest quality.
  • Aroma and taste: pure olive oil has a fruity aroma and a slightly bitter and spicy taste, the hallmarks of an authentic product.
  • Cold test: put the oil in the fridge for a few hours. Pure olive oil tends to partially solidify when refrigerated, showing the presence of natural solid fats.

Quality certifications: olive oils with certification seals, such as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), guarantee the origin and authentic characteristics of the product.

Tips for getting the best experience with a legitimate Portuguese olive oil

  • Storage: keep the oil in a cool, dark and dry place, in a glass or stainless steel container.
  • Consumption: use the oil within 18 months of opening to ensure maximum flavor and benefits.
  • Pairing: explore the versatility of Portuguese olive oil in a variety of dishes, from salads and grilled meats to pasta and desserts.
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