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2 2Terracotta is an unglazed ceramic material that is shaped and fired at a relatively low temperature.

The word “Terracotta” is derived from the Italian “Terracotta,” which means “baked earth.” It is one of the oldest materials used by humans for the creation of utilitarian and artistic objects. Terracotta is an unglazed ceramic material that is shaped and fired at a relatively low temperature.


Terracotta is primarily made from clay, which is a type of soil rich in minerals, especially aluminum silicate. The clay is extracted, purified, and then molded into various desired shapes. These shapes are air-dried or fired in kilns to remove moisture and then baked at temperatures ranging from 600 to 1,000 degrees Celsius, depending on the type of clay and desired outcome.
The natural color of terracotta is reddish due to the presence of iron oxide in the clay. However, terracotta can also be glazed or painted to add decorative colors and patterns. It is a durable and sturdy material, making it suitable for use in outdoor areas such as façade cladding and decorative elements in gardens.
Terracotta has been widely used in different cultures throughout history, from ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Roman civilizations to Asian architectural traditions. It has a rustic and organic aesthetic appeal and is valued for its connection to nature and its ability to harmoniously blend into natural environments.

Coffee Cups AROMA



At Companhia Atlântica, we are excited to present to you our latest collection dedicated to AROMA coffee cups, which utilizes terracotta ceramic as a technique and inspiration. In addition to the design and excellence offered by these cups, this collection also features a variety of attractive colors.

Color is one of the most striking and fascinating characteristics of the world around us. It evokes emotions, stimulates the senses, and adds life and personality to everything that surrounds us.
The AROMA coffee cups are partially hand-glazed by experienced local ceramicists, giving each piece a unique and special touch. Each cup is truly exclusive, carrying the dedication and care of the artisans involved in its creation.
Color and finish are among the most distinctive features of this collection.
Available in sets of two espresso cups, with two different designs and two distinct colors, these cups can accompany the different moments of your life, adapting to various usage scenarios.

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The color variation is one of the highlights of the AROMA collection.

Available in sets of two cups, with four color options, these cups can be mixed and matched to accompany the different moments of your life, adapting to various usage scenarios.

Advantages of Terracota


There are many reasons and advantages to choosing terracotta coffee cups.

Here are some of them:

Aroma25Heat Retention: Terracotta is a material with good heat retention capacity. This means that when you pour a hot beverage like coffee into a terracotta cup, it helps to maintain the temperature for a longer period. This is especially useful if you enjoy savoring your coffee slowly, as the terracotta cup can keep it warm for an extended time.

Tactile: Terracotta has a pleasant texture to the touch. Terracotta cups have a slightly rough and porous surface, which provides a pleasing tactile sensation when holding them. This sensation can be comforting while enjoying a hot beverage like coffee.


Ceramic pottery tools still life 1Aesthetics and Style: Terracotta coffee cups have a unique aesthetic appeal. Their natural reddish color and rustic finish give them a charming, artisanal, and organic look. The cups can add a touch of style and personality to your coffee-drinking experience.

Durability: Terracotta is known for its durability. Terracotta cups are impact-resistant and have good wear resistance. With proper care, they can last for many years, providing a sustainable option compared to disposable cups or less durable materials.
Natural and Safe Material: Terracotta is a natural and non-toxic material. By opting for terracotta coffee cups, you avoid the use of plastic materials or potentially harmful chemical coatings. Additionally, terracotta is an environmentally friendly material and can be recycled at the end of its life cycle.

Meet the Artisan

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Meet Clara Vieira, a talented artisan who brings a special touch to the terracotta coffee cups of the AROMA line. Born in 1977 and residing in Porto Mós, Clara has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to perfecting her skills in the art of ceramics.
Her attention to detail and meticulous painting and glazing finishes ensure an exceptional result in each piece she creates. In addition to her artistic work, Clara finds pleasure in moments of relaxation and walks, finding inspiration in the nature that surrounds her.
With three children, she finds balance between her family life and her passion for ceramics, making each piece unique and full of meaning.






AROMA is more than just a utilitarian piece; it’s a unique sensory experience when enjoying your coffee.
Indulge in moments of pure pleasure and sophistication with our coffee cups from the AROMA Collection. Proudly made in our country.
Discover the available options now!

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